How to Make Money with Bitcoin


Just about everyone has heard of Bitcoin these days. It seems like there are stories in the news every week or so about how Bitcoin is continuing to skyrocket and making investors very rich. So how do you jump on this lucrative bandwagon and make money with Bitcoin? Let’s take a look at some of the ways that investors are making money using blockchain currency technology and Bitcoin in

Speculative Buying

The primary way the people are making money through Bitcoin these days is through a process called speculative buying.  Speculative buying simply means paying actual currency for Bitcoin – a virtual currency – and hoping that the value continues to rise so that it can be sold at a later date for profit. The problem with that is that it could just as easily go down. In fact, the volatile nature
of cryptocurrency has not yet been established or measured, so investors could potentially lose everything. So far though, Bitcoin hasn’t done anything but rise, and that rise has been meteoric.

Mining Bitcoin

Another way the people make money with Bitcoin is by actually mining it. This is a complex process that involves using lots of electricity and computing power in order to mine a significant amount. The mechanics of the mining process are somewhat complex, but if you have the computing power and the electricity to spare, it is not very complicated to get started mining Bitcoin. However, you should keep in mind that because of the way that Bitcoin is set up, the more that is mined; the more difficult it is to mine it. That is also what makes the value continue to go up though.

Accepting Bitcoin as Payment

Something else that you can do to make money with Bitcoin is to accept the cryptocurrency as payment. This is similar to simply converting your own money into Bitcoin, but has the added benefit of attracting more customers because they have more payment options. Of course, you have to have a product or service to sell in order to accept Bitcoin as payment.

Earning Bitcoin

You can also earn Bitcoin by doing certain things online. There are a few websites that are cropping up that will pay you small amounts of Bitcoin in order to complete tasks. This is similar to the way that micro-transaction task sites work, but has the advantage of the potential massive rise of Bitcoin (even more than it is now) to make your labor worth it.

Finding the Next Bitcoin

You can also make money by choosing a different cryptocurrency entirely. If you can determine what the next “Bitcoin” will be, you could make a lot of money by buying in early.


The bottom line is that there are lots of ways that you can make money with Bitcoin. But Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that no one knows what will happen with in the coming years. This makes it both an exciting opportunity in a potentially dangerous one.

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