How to Make Money with Drop Shipping

Making money online drop shipping products is an enormous business that has grown by leaps and bounds the last 5 years.  There are so many benefits to setting up your online business this way.  The biggest one is that you never handle the products.  No packaging, no getting shipping labels, and no going to the post office.  So let’s get your drop shipping business off the ground, no pun intended.

Platforms to Get You Started.

Shopify – Easily the most popular and the best platform for drop shipping around.  They have a user friendly online store creator that anyone can get into and customize.  Also, they write awesome guides to help get you started drop shipping, here a few.

The Ultimate Guide to Drop Shipping

The Definitive Guide to Drop Shipping with AliExpress

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50 Ways to Make Your First Sale

Shopify has a plethora of apps to install in your strore, inlcuding one that is essential called Oberlo.  Oberlo does all the drop shipping work for you, you search their products and post them in your store.  Add your mark-ups and play around with different pricing.  If you don’t want to mess with AliExpress this is the way to go, although AliExpress has much more products.  I recommend that if you can find the products in your niche on Oberlo then exclusively use it because it simplifies the implementation process.


The key to drop shipping products on ebay is to have an account that is well aged and has 100% seller rating.  Beyond that you just have to find holes in the market with products from China (AliExpress).  There are software applications like Inventory Source that can help you find these holes.  SaleHoo has a great article on how to sell on ebay.


Selling as a third party on amazon can be very lucrative if you source the right products.  Amazon is the ecommerce king so it’s the best way to get your products in front of the most buyers.

Shopify has Ebay and Amazon Implementation.

This is why shopify is the best way to start your drop shipping business, it’s an all-in-one solution.  Create your product ads in Shopify then seamlessly sell them on Amazon and Ebay without having to set everything up again on different platforms.


Where do I get My Products?

AliExpress – This is where most drop shipping products come from and with good reason, it’s cheap.  It’s China.  The reason it works for drop shippers is simply most people just don’t know they can go directly to AliExpress and buy stuff.  Build relationships with sellers you work with and ask for bulk discounts in stuff you know you’re going to be selling a lot of.

SaleHoo – Salehoo is a network of suppliers, some even in the US.  These suppliers have been vetted so you don’t have to worry about scammers and bad customer service, which can happen in other networks.  And unlike AliExpress they do have some brand name products for you sell.  Their support is second to none with loads of training resources and even live chat helpers at your fingertips.

Oberlo – As previously mentioned Oberlo with Shopify is my #1 recommendation for starting a drop shipping business.  Easily the best for beginners.

Etsy – Etsy is a great place to source products because it’s filled with creative people making stuff they want to sell.  Find a product you like and send the seller an email asking if he/she would like to make it in bulk at a price.  Simply mark-up the price on whatever platform you plan on selling it and make a profit.

There many other places to source including Ebay and Amazon of course, but these 4 are my favorite because you can find unique products that aren’t in flooded markets.

Get after it.

You have all the resources, now just do the work.  If you need some motivation go here.

As always I believe the best way to make money is to start a blog.  Read my post on how to make money with blogging to get started.

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