MoneyLion Referral Program Review

MoneyLion is an app that helps with your finances in many ways.  They just launched their new referral program and it’s a good one.  First off you need to join MoneyLion and I’ve talked about all the benefits of this already in my article “How to Make Money without Working“.  If you don’t feel like reading, some of the perks include $500 loans with no credit check, a guided investment account, and $1 cashback every single day you open the app.


MoneyLion Referral Program

Once you join MoneyLion on the far right tab of the app click referrals and the information is neatly placed for you.  Now you want your referral to join MoneyLion Plus which is the paid monthly membership.  You need to join Plus too to get the referral perks.  The membership is $79 a month to get the $500 loan, but it’s actually only $29 a month.  MoneyLion will give you $50 back at the end of the month for your guided investment account.

What Do I Get for my Referrals?

For every referral you send to MoneyLion Plus you receive $10 into your investment account.  For every three referrals you win between a $5 – $2000 bonus.  If you get some good referrals going you can see the potential in this program.  The best thing about the program is that the app is the easiest of sales.  Who couldn’t use an extra $500 for an emergency?  Or vacation?  Or just to catch up on some bills.


The only con is that you don’t get anything from your referral after the initial $10 or possibly more if they’re one of your every 3 for the bonus.  There is no second or third tier if your referrals plan to tell their friends which is unfortunate.


I do recommend the MoneyLion Referral program because with the bonus setup for every three referrals there is potential for high earnings.

As always my #1 recommendation for making money online and earning passive income is Wealthy Affiliate.  You can read about it and more in my article How to make Money with Blogging.

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