Motivation – Jocko Willink “Good”

I like to post motivational stuff every now and again because it is the single biggest determining factor in online money making failure.  There are so many people out there with good ideas that start to get going and then just get discouraged.


They feel like it’s not happening fast enough, in particular with Blogging, and eventually they convince themselves it wasn’t a good idea in the first place.  They quit, they go back to their lives and it fizzles away as just a “good idea” memory.


Well that’s not going to happen to you.  Retired Navy SEAL, Silver and Bronze Star recipient, podcaster, author, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt Jocko Willink is here to help.  I recommend everything Jocko has done, after you watch this video you’ll want to run a marathon and straight up get your shit together.

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