How to Make Money without Working

So you want to make money without working?  Well while I would recommend to put in some work and start your own blog to get a nice income, there are ways to make money without working.


MoneyLion is an app that gives it’s members $500 loans regardless of credit score, which is nice if you’re in a pinch, but it’s also an all-one-budgeting app that’s really good.  The loan is an actual unsecured loan, not a payday loan so you can pay it back over a year.  The membership is 79 dollars a month to get the $500 loan, but it’s actually only $29 a month.  MoneyLion gives you $50 back at the end of the month for your savings/investment account they setup for you.  And all you have to do is login to the app every day to get $1 put in that same account for you.  So no work, just open the app and you get $1 into your account daily.  That’s $365 a year for nothing.   They also run a lot of contests where you can win more money into your account.  They track your credit score and give solid advice on your finances.  It’s an excellent app and absolutely something you can easily do to make money without working.


Investing Apps

In this day and age you don’t have to be a Wall Street guru to make some money investing thanks to these simple apps that do all the work for you.  All you have to do is sign up, connect your bank account and you’re on your way.  Both of these apps use safe investment strategies, but if you want to get riskier and go for some bigger returns you can do that too.


Acorns is my favorite because you don’t even have to tell them how much you want to invest.  They round-up every purchase you make with a debit card and invest it.  So if you go to McDonald’s and buy a double cheeseburger for $1.59 it rounds up to $2.00 and the .41 cents is invested.  So imagine all the dumb little purchases you make throughout your life so eventually it can add up.  It’s actually a brilliant way to save money and I highly recommend it.


Betterment can be used in multiple ways.  You can set it up to auto-draft whenever you want to put some money away or you can simply put money in the account whenever you feel like it.  The returns are better than any savings account you’ll find and they do all the work.  You can adjust what ratio percentage of stocks to bonds you want at anytime.  Doing well and want to take some bigger risks?  Up the stock percentage.  Just want a safe savings?  Up the bonds percentage.  Personally I play it safe, but I have upped the stocks before and I’ve made some decent money, these guys know what they’re doing.


Donate Blood/Plasma/Sperm

This pretty much speaks for itself and depending on where you live you can could make some solid cash.  Just Google what options are available in your area.


Sign Up for Contests

There are a ton of contests you can sign up for online.  The Balance has you covered with constantly updated information on new contests.



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